The Story

Nassau lies in ruins. Its people look to you to restore it to its former glory. Will you loot, plunder, and decimate all who stand in your way as a pirate? Or will you use your strength and charisma to rise through the ranks of the Navy? Choose your path in this dynamic sandbox adventure.

Wrest Control of the Seas

Shape Your Destiny

Dominate the Caribbean as a pirate, a bounty hunter, an admiral or anything in between as you wrestle your way to riches and fame on the open water.

Every interaction in SeaDogs of Nassau’s beautiful, procedurally generated world is an ever-changing free-roam adventure

Be a Game Changer

Embrace True Naval Freedom

Engage in exhilarating naval battles with a pirate vessel of your own making. Fight dirty or honorably with skills befit of a seafaring corsair. Tackle quests in any manner that fits both your play style and ethical compass.



Seadogs of Nassau is a single player pirate themed sandbox adventure, featuring a massive open world to explore with immersive simulations and massive fleet battles

Currently there isn’t, we are focusing on trying to make the best single-player experience available to players. In the future, we may add in co-op modes.