Hello, Sea dogs! Welcome to another weekly Seadogs of Nassau Devlog.

In our previous devlog, we talked about Crews, how they are recruited, and what they offer to the player. In this devlog, we are going to take a look at some other important features of the game: Marooning and Mutiny. 

Mutiny and its Impact on Players

There are many things that you’ll have to keep in mind while going for a long voyage to ensure that your crew members stay satisfied. Because, if the crew members are not satisfied for any reason, they are likely to rebel against you and start a mutiny. 

Mutiny can be caused by a number of reasons and below are some of the most common ones.

  • Food Shortage

Not having enough food to get you through the voyage is one of the most common reasons for your crew members to start a mutiny and leave you. The longer your crew members go without food, the more mutinous they are likely to become. 


  • Gold Accumulation

The longer a voyage takes, the more gold your crew would expect as a reward for their hard work and loyalty. Not having enough gold to properly reward each crew member would only make things worse and cause your crew members to become mutinous. 

  • Proper Treatment 

Besides the reward, your crew members also expect to have a doctor and a cook on board when sailing out for a longer voyage to ensure they are being looked after. 

There are a number of things you can do to minimize the risk of mutiny against you. Firstly, try not to over-recruit crew members for the voyage, having more crew members will only require more gold. Secondly, try to keep the voyage reasonable and not too long, because your crew members expect more gold for a longer voyage.


Marooning in Seadogs of Nassau

Now that we have discussed the most common causes of Mutiny, let’s talk about Marooning. For those who don’t know what it means, Marooning is an act of abandoning crew members and/or the captain of the ship to a remote place to die. 

Marooning commonly occurs in the case of a Mutiny when the majority of crew members decide to rebel against the captain and his companions. Being marooned can cause the in-game time to go by in months and it continues to tick away until you are found by a passing ship.

There are some special items in the game that can help shorten the amount of time you spend being marooned, but it’ll be more fun if you find those secrets in-game.


Hope this gets you excited for to come in our new open world pirate RPG. Stay Tuned for more!