Hello, Sea dogs! Welcome to the weekly Seadogs of Nassau Devlog.

In our previous Devlog, we talked about all the different types of ships and how exactly players can acquire them to battle against rival factions or use them to expand their trading empire. In this Devlog, we want to continue on the topic of ships to give you an idea of what having a fleet means in Seadogs of Nassau, what you can do with it, and more importantly what NOT to do with it!


Fleet in Seadogs of Nassau 

Seadogs of Nassau offers different types of ships with varying characteristics and uses. And while the players do start with just one ship, they are free to have up to 5 ships in their fleet. They can either capture enemy ships or buy new vessels to include in their fleet.

But what good is having a fleet? Glad you asked! Well, there are many advantages to having a fleet. 

  • For one, the fleet allows players to carry more cargo while sailing and in some games, it can even increase the maximum number of crew members that you can have onboard.
  • Having a fleet also comes in handy when facing an ambush as you can call them for backup to help you out. 
  • You can also send them away for trading or treasure hunting on their own to get a steady income and a random amount of supplies.
  • If the you ever loses your flagship, it simply gets replaced by one of the ships in your fleet.

However, having a fleet has its own share of disadvantages as well. 

  • If you have a large fleet, you will have to spend quite some money to ensure all the ships in your fleet are well-maintained for sailing.
  • The more ships you have in your fleet, the more men you will need in your pirate crew to sail, which ultimately reduces the number of people on your flagship.
  • Having a fleet also increases your chances of having a random bounty placed on you, which could potentially slow down your progress in the game.

How to Manage a Fleet

Capturing an enemy ship is just the beginning, managing a fleet is what takes a lot of skills and strategic planning. The ships in your fleet can be ordered to follow you around to defend you while sailing or attack ships that the flagship attacks. 

In case your ships get damaged, there are places (ports and other places) where you can take them to get repaired or if you want, you can even sell them for a good price. You can also convert one of your ships to “fire ships” which can be sent out to blow up enemy ships.


Keep in mind…

There are many events in this game that can cause you to lose a ship from your fleet. For instance, if you decide to attack an enemy port that is well fortified, you are likely to lose your ship in case of retaliation if you’re not prepared.

You can also lose your ships in battles if the enemy ships manage to heavily broadside them. They are most likely to attack your flagship first, which might lead to marooning in case you only had one ship. Otherwise, you will simply get picked up by one of the other ships in your fleet. 

But enemy ships aren’t the only thing that you have to worry about, your own men can rebel against you and lead a mutiny if they get angry enough. In that case, they can take a ship from your fleet and leave your crew. 

So, there’s a lot that you have to do in order to manage your fleet. We hope this Devlog gave you some idea of what to expect from a fleet in Seadogs of Nassau. As always, if you have any questions, do let us know and we would love to address them in a future Devlog.